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gwso developing superior battery ev
gwso developing superior battery ev

On December 1st, 2020 Global Warming Solutions, Inc. ( OTCMKTS: GWSO ) announced their development department established a cost-effective way to produce a solid electrolyte for batteries and can be used in Electric Vehicles. They have already begun laboratory testing of the battery’s electrochemical cells.

Global Warming Solutions, Inc. ( OTCMKTS: GWSO ) method created an original type of battery used in EV’s. It uses sodium as the active ingredient in the battery anodes compared to the more common use of lithium. Sodium’s advantages over lithium include resources for production, being vastly larger, and market price is ten times lower than lithium. Additionally, the battery cathode is free of scarce cobalt. This brings the opportunity for quick growth in development and production of batteries for electric vehicles. Also, the costs are much lower than typically seen in the sector.

Global Warming Solutions, Inc. ( OTCMKTS: GWSO ) stated they are in the closing stages of filing a global patent application for their new EV technology. It will be based on the discussed sodium-based device.

Chief Scientist, Artem Madatov, mentioned the initial laboratory results have been extremely positive. The studies are showing that a light truck can travel approximately 750 miles on one charge. Another important note made by Mr. Madatov is the electrical capacity did not decrease during long-term operation. This means the battery is chargable 2000 times and can operate for 1.5 million miles before it needs to be replaced.

Dr. Vladimir Vasilenko, Global Warming Solutions, Inc. ( OTCMKTS: GWSO ) CEO, mentioned the small cost of sodium batteries has expanded the market for sales of this new product. Besides the electric car industry, different market positions are opening up. Some niches include major capacity batteries for electric ocean-going ships, electric boats and yachts. Established markets, such as stationary electrical energy storage, will also grow considerably. Dr. Vasilenko ended by saying he expects to see sales double year over year.

Global Warming Solutions, Inc. ( OTCMKTS: GWSO ) Stock Security Details

gwso stock security details
gwso stock security details

Global Warming Solutions, Inc. ( OTCMKTS: GWSO ) EV Sector

Similarly in the EV sector DPW Holdings, Inc. ( NYSE: DPW ) stock and Tesla, Inc ( NASDAQ: TSLA ) stock have gained significantly in recent weeks showing signs of a new age for electric transportation.