GMER – MicroBuddies™ Launches on Roblox (NYSE: RBLX)

Revenue Stream Gets Stronger

gmer microbuddies launches on roblox nasdaq rblx
gmer microbuddies launches on roblox nasdaq rblx

( OTCMKTS: GMER ) Good Gaming Inc. is a pioneering brand producing exclusive interactive entertainment experiences within the gaming sector since 2008. They recently announced the unveiling date for the incorporation of its MicroBuddies™ brand on to the Roblox platform. The Company keeps expanding its MicroBuddies™ IP and progressed revenue streams from some of the top global online games.

otcmkts gmer microbuddies

September 21, 2022 is the set date for the launch of The MicroBuddies™ World experience in Roblox. They promise to reward users with an exclusive MicroBuddies™ themed simulated world experience intended to grab a user’s imagination by submerging them in appealing quests, fun competitions, and good games.

The MicroBuddies™ themed maps will promote gaming arcades where users can win loot that will improve gameplay and elevate their Roblox avatars. Users can mine coins, via experience, for unique in-game money called GOO™. This will boost each user’s avatar capabilities within the games while giving individual style and graphic flair.

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( NYSE: RBLX ) is a globally popular platform with more than fifty-million regular active users totaling over thirty-billion hours of gameplay and one-billion spent on simulated goods crossing over 180 countries. Users play Roblox practically anyplace, from an Xbox to a mobile device, laptop, tablet, or computer. Users can drop in and out of diverse virtual maps as they share experiences with others. Roblox is a free content platform that has countless categories and titles, all shaped by its community of more than ten-million active originators and designers.

nyse rblx otcmkts gmer microbuddies

The ( OTCMKTS: GMER ) development team worked vigorously over the past several months to bring this project to completion. Good Gaming Inc. now has an extensive long-term plan for their MicroBuddies™ World within Roblox. Features will include challenging gameplay, cross-platform integrations with other gaming experiences, which is the beginning of their MicroBuddies™ Metaverse.

The new development of the MicroBuddies™ ecosystem will deliver several paths of revenue generation, boost player interest, and will shape a varied global community in MicroBuddies™. 

MicroBuddies ™ World can be located on Roblox here: