GTCH: GBT Updates Their AI Web Application; Continues to Show Growth

(OTCMKTS: GTCH) GBT confirmed they are distributing a new edition of their Hippocrates

gtch gbt updates their ai web application continues to show growth

(OTCMKTS: GTCH) GBT confirmed they are distributing a new edition of their Hippocrates web application. Hippocrates is their Artificial Intelligence centered health information system that seeks to deliver health information. This machine learning is focused on health for individual and specialized use. Operators can give symptoms, ask medical questions, and explain circumstances to find first-line health data about potential diseases, together with known drugs and treatments. Hippocrates’ new edition now features governmental and expert-approved data sources, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (, and additional health resources. 

The latest edition uses Avant! AI instrument to offer smart internet search, delivering answers for common or particular health-associated questions. GBT is pursuing Hippocrates to help licensed physicians, hospitals, and clinics in particular fields to give medical data and diagnostics aid. The system is intended to deliver continuing education within the medical expert’s experience to obtain a strong understanding over time. This is in addition to routine revises of governmental sources and medical documents. 

GBT intends to pursue partners within the medical line of work with clinics or hospitals. The target is to establish a domain particular to a health counseling system to help with diagnostics and optional therapies. Hippocrates AI system is open to offering info for common health-associated questions through its web application at

gtch technology we work with
GTCH technology we work with

GBT’s CTO stated he is happy to announce this new release. This is only one of the several potential accomplishments of their Avant! AI technology. The system is aimed to identify a customer’s question, examine the info, and offer a directed answer. Hippocrates’s latest update is outfitted with an enormous volume of health-related information and is positioned to cognitively expand its understanding basis over time, learning from its practices or by coaching, identical to how a human does. The latest release is intended to deliver the first line of health-related info. The approach is not trying to substitute physicians but to give the first-line recommendation. This method can be valuable to offer health-related aid and counseling in isolated locations and for broad use. We intend to resume the expansion of the Hippocrates system, teaching it with more health-related data and supplying it with more innovative abilities, making it a thorough, personal health source.