GTCH – Reaching for the Highest Standards – Applying for FDA Approval

gtch reaching for the highest standards applying for fda approval
gtch reaching for the highest standards applying for fda approval

GBT Technologies Inc. ( OTCMKTS : GTCH ) recently announced a series of improvements for its qTerm device will be underway to plan for their FDA certification process. The improvements made will increase accuracy, dependability and compatibility. qTerm reads human vitals using the touch of a finger. Prototype testing results were used to increase accuracy and consistency. These are expected pre-requisites to file for FDA certification. There is no guarantee GBT Technologies Inc. ( OTCMKTS : GTCH ) will obtain FDA certification for the qTerm.

qTerm sensors will be re-located so they are in a more effective position. This will improve consistency with user habits,. For example, users may press their finger using different heaviness, and location. Accuracy is very reliant on the distance from the finger’s skin. A new location of the Infra-Red sensor will be able to fix this. An extra microchip will be added so the algorithm to support the heart rate and blood oxygen readings is more accurate.

GBT Technologies Inc. ( OTCMKTS : GTCH )
qTerm Features

gtch gbt tokenize qterm features.png
gtch gbt tokenize qterm features

qTerm will have a smartphone app and web application to log history and offer analytics for user records. The goal for the web application is to provide a location and proximity alert for potential health risks. To prepare for FDA certification so qTerm can classify as a medical device and so it can be promoted and retailed in the US as such, they have these modifications in progress. The process for authorization aims to define the device for telemedicine purposes. By doing so, vital results can be sent to clinics and hospitals where they get reviewed by physicians in real time.

Word from GBT Technologies Inc. ( OTCMKTS : GTCH )

CTO Danny Rittman stated GBT Technologies Inc. ( OTCMKTS : GTCH ) believes these changes will increase performance, accuracy, and consistency to meet FDA approval standards. Also, this will ensure qTerm is safe and reliable. Rittman mentioned they put emphasis on making the device easy to use. The culture to improve the technology so they can bring a product with the highest standards to the market. Particularly with the medicine domain where it can save lives.


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