Metaverse Welcomes You to the First Fashion Week

Advango tours metaverse
Advango tours metaverse

In the metaverse (NASDAQ : META), it’s fashion week. The runways will be walked by virtual avatars. 

Metaverse Fashion week is all set to begin from 24 March, organized by Virtual social world Decentraland. The event will last till 27 March. The first-ever Metaverse Fashion week is going to shine with all world-famous luxury brands. These brands include Paco Rabanne, Dolce & Gabbana, Etro, Tommy Hilfiger, Dundas, Cavalli, Nicholas Kirkwood, Elie Saab. which will be hosted by Decentraland.

Big-name designers will be organizing runway shows, fashion experiences, pop-up shops. There will be an exhibition of digital wearables as well over the four days period. Over the last few years, the fashion sector has increased its metaverse presence. The size of this year’s virtual fashion week demonstrates how important the digital world has become for creators.

Republiqe, the digital fashion house, created a virtual store where digital accessories from Axel Arigato, Ester Manas, Coach, Wandler, Eytys, and Osoi will be available. 


MVFW Fashion Week: What to Expect

MVFW is a chance for everyone to try something new. The digital fashion show is an endeavor to establish a community as well as a business plan. Expect both a combination of fantastical and practical digital items for sale. Expect a mix of whimsical and practical digital things to be available for purchase. 

The first MVFW represents a significant advancement in fashion’s engagement with the metaverse. This event will enable brands to get to know more about the digital world of the metaverse and how they can create shows for virtual audiences. 

Many designers are getting sponsorships from various digital organizations to exhibit in their zones. Decentraland’s Designers Street is sponsored by Rarible, NFT marketplace, Creating a space for up-and-coming streetwear designers and promoting limited-edition apparel drops. 

A selection of Asian designers and companies will be featured in Dragon City’s virtual area. Meanwhile, runway displays by Cider, Anrealage, and 8sian will be held at the Metaloop by Kollectiff area.

Brands involved will reach a worldwide audience, with events taking place across time zones to appeal to a younger, digitally native population. Brands are benefiting from a built-in audience by appearing at an event. 

According to the Dundas founder, “The point of the metaverse is to dream and do these fantastical looks that you can’t wear in real life. “I tell you that you need to jump on the train or you will miss the train. We think this is the future.” Dundas will display a variety of digital copies of its most current collection. Along with that, there will be more designs that are not needed to produce physically. 

MVFW is not just limited to fashion brands, art and film will also be noteworthy. The majority of this category will be housed at CashLabs’ Art Gallery and Screening Room. 

Coming towards the audience, people can browse using personalized avatars and connect their cryptocurrency wallets to make purchases. Even digital clothes are included as well. Again the fashion show is not just about clothes, people will be able to buy virtual lands to build and rent out spaces.