TREN – Adding Podcasts to Their Impressive Thy News Application

tren adding podcasts to their impressive thy news application

(OTCMKTS: TREN) has their concentration on groundbreaking technologies utilizing (AI) artificial intelligence. The Thy News app is a core project of the company.

Recently, the Company announced they would be researching RSS cryptocurrency channels to create an improved list for their customers. This function is anticipated to be added in the next update of the app.

thy news app ai otcmkts tren
thy news app ai otcmkts: tren

Thy News is a cell phone app with user-friendly controls and the capability to read news on numerous subjects based on individual user interests. The archive of the news service collects data from several reliable sources. The consumer is not restricted to fixed resources and offers many ways to customize the service.

On August 17th, 2022, Trend Innovations Holding Inc. announced they intend to create a brand-new service via Podcasts in its news collector.

A podcast is a blog using audio with a single or multiple presenters. Users can hear it online or via download on your phone or device. All episodes have a new topic or narrative. 

Podcasts are a presentation that amazed several specialists when it appeared that their attractiveness had disappeared. They turned out to be an extraordinary niche creation and a new height of demand had surfaced. It is useful for contemporary viewers to ingest knowledge in this way. Authors are attracted to growing in this direction. 

thy news set up their line up of podcasts entertaining topics
thy news set up their line up of podcasts entertaining topics

On the app, there is new content every day. Users obviously do not have time to read all the news and tend to check only the area in the businesses which is of concern to them. That means users want podcasts committed to a specific topic.

On the app, Thy News set up their line-up of podcasts entertaining topics such as:

  • Global issues,
  • Education,
  • Business,
  • Finance,
  • Ecology,
  • Culture
  • Lifestyle and others.

The collection will include over 100 topics within the categories as mentioned above. The consumer will be able to select their personal likes from a large stream of topics and stay up with the most current episodes.