TREN Using AI to Pioneer How Users Receive News

TREN using Artificial Intelligence to Pioneer How Users Receive News

tren using ai to pioneer how users receive news
tren using ai to pioneer how users receive news

( OTCMKTS: TREN ) Trend Innovations Holding Inc. Showing what AI can do!

( OTCMKTS : TREN ) how users receive news
( otcmkts : tren ) how users recieve news

TREN, concentrates in pioneering technologies via artificial intelligence. The News application is one component of the company’s main developments.

( OTCMKTS : TREN ) how users receive news chart
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The application, Thy News, has user friendly administration structures and the selection for different topics of interest. Handlers can select between a variety of sources for news. They can subscribe and group them in one of five news feed layouts. For instance, a user with interest in technology and athletics can see this content without the distraction of other news. Content can be shared easily as well. An added feature allows the user to access the content when the internet is unavailable. 

Thy News offers a selection of news in such categories as: 

  • World
  • Politics
  • Business
  • Tech & Science
  • Sports
  • Health
  • Travel
  • Design
  • and Food.

A user who does not like any particular topic, they can ignore them from the assortment. Thy News team’s concept is to give choices. Thus, the application has all the essential functionality for customization. 

Trend Innovations Holding Inc. gives importance to providing users with the most up-to-date material in real time. To attain this, it was obvious to handover the application’s ability to more industrious equipment. This conclusion was also pushed by the development and popularity of the application and the surge in the number of users. The rewards of journeying to new servers were security, better performance, and unified organization to improve the assurance of continual operation. The newest version of the application is ready for download in AppStore and Google Play.

The main importance of functionality is the assortment in news sources. With information as the vital part, the precision and consistency of the material are extremely valued by a user. To ensure a convenient interface with the application on global markets, the team will shortly start to localize the user interface. Trend Innovations Holding Inc. assumes that localization can greatly rise the worth of Thy News and will help acquire a continuous flow of new clients while maintaining current ones.